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Antonia Hodgson - The Devil in the Marshalsea

It’s 1727 and the Marshalsea Gaol is renowned as one of the worst places for a debtor to end up. But that’s just where Tom Hawkins finds himself after living lavish live of cards and women and not paying his bills. It isn’t long, though, before Hawkins realizes that not only is there a murderer on the loose, the place might be haunted as well. Scrounging and doing favors just to survive, he soon discovers he may be next on the hit list and he’ll have to do something fast if he’s going to capture the perpetrator and spare his own neck. The Devil in Marshalea is a terrific debut from Antonia Hodgson, an editor at Little, Brown’s UK division. “Hodgson makes the stench, as well as the despair, almost palpable, besides expertly dropping fair clues. Fans of Iain Pears and Charles Palliser will hope for a sequel.”—Publishers Weekly (starred review).


First edition.