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Albert W. Aiken - The Bat of the Battery (Dark Lantern Tales)

Dark Lantern is a new publishing company devoted to reissuing 19th-century crime fiction. If you thought the late 1800s were all about ice cream parlors, straw hats, and bicycles built for two, brace yourself to be immersed in the darker world of Vintage Detective Fiction. We have several titles that we hope you will find interesting. For more information about these books, click on this link: All books are produced on high quality paper. Here are some titles. We soon will have more.

It is 1883, and a patrolman making his midnight rounds in New York City’s Battery Park finds a dead man in the middle of a quiet carriage-way. Looking up from his grim discovery, his startled gaze rests on a bat-like spectre the size of a man, perched on a nearby structure. So begins a pursuit that soon involves Joe Phenix, the Private Detective. The demented murderer changes his appearance and demeanor almost at will, daunting the detective and the police by more frequent killing. Meanwhile a young woman with a curious name is summoned by strangers from England. Before stepping foot on a New York dock, she is suddenly involved in the plot.

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