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Started in the early days of the bookshop, our subscription clubs are a means of giving readers and collectors access to signed first editions from the best authors working in the genre. With eight clubs to choose from, there's something for every crime-and-mystery related taste. Our selections are of the highest quality, many of them going on to win Edgar, Pulitzer, PEN, and Booker prizes. 

We ship one signed first edition every month for each club, with the selections noted in our monthly newsletter for easy reference.  We never charge extra for autographed books and selections are all jacket price (except for the British Imports for obvious reasons).

We are now offering block pricing for our clubs! Choose from three-month, six-month or twelve-month subscriptions to pay for your books up front, and save yourself the hassle of a monthly charge. Tip: these make great gifts!

Give us a call and we'll find the best club and duration for your needs -- there is no obligation to stay signed up. Or, send an email to for more information.


The Crime Collectors' Club 

Featuring titles from authors like Michael Connelly, John Hart, Walter Mosley, Nelson DeMille, and George Pelecanos, our Crime Collectors' Club provides you with titles from the bestselling masters of the mystery genre. Join to ensure that you will receive a signed first edition of the month's biggest novel--always a collectable, always an entertaining, fine read.


The First Mystery Club 

Our First Mystery Club features both debut authors and established authors making their first forays into the genre, meaning that this is the perfect choice for someone looking for fresh voices in crime fiction. With past picks including titles from Donald Ray Pollock, Chris Pavone, Jason Matthews, Anthony Marra, and Tea O’Brecht, this club is a great way to find authors at the start of their careers--and to acquire books with the potential for rapid value appreciation.


The Hardboiled & Noir Club 

In a tradition defined by such protagonists as Hammett’s Sam Spade, Chandler’s Philip Marlowe, and MacDonald's Lew Archer, our Hardboiled Club features books with tough but brooding detectives, solitary, flawed, and jaded by the world. While perhaps a bit darker in atmosphere and outlook than other clubs, our Hardboiled selections contain some of crime fiction’s strongest, most ambitious voices. Past selections have included titles by authors such as James Sallis, Michael Harvey, Wallace Stroby, Richard Lange, and Chelsea Cain.


The Traditional & Historical Club 

Don’t let the name fool you--this section represents the best in traditional and historical titles.  Death, yes, but violence plays a very small part in these stories which concentrate more on the character development of those who solve the murders.


The British Crime Collectors' Club

This club is for collectors of "true first editions" published in the United Kingdom, as well as those who can't wait for the US release date. We select the most anticipated titles from a variety of sub-genres for this club which, while more expensive, is well worth the cost.


The Thriller & Espionage Club

International turmoil, cloak-and-dagger operations, and political chaos characterize this club's selections. An ever-popular genre, novels chosen range from entertaining thrillers in a modern setting to illuminating historical novels about the Cold War and before.


The Unclassifiable Club

You may be surprised to learn that we here at the mystery shop read outside the genre, but we do. For those customers that also like to stray from the field, we’ve created the Contemporary Authors Club, which delivers books that, while not fitting into traditional mystery categories, nevertheless guarantee a great read. With past selections including titles by authors like Jonathan Lethem, Orhan Pamuk, Karen Russell, Philipp Meyer, and Gillian Flynn, this club is sure to satisfy even the most eclectic of readers.


The Psychological Suspense Club

These suspenseful reads focus on the devious depths of the human mind. Characters explore the cunning psychological motivations of others--and question their own emotional stability. Fans of psychological suspense enjoy the complex storylines or “edge of your seat” quality inherent in this popular genre. These plots are layered with frequent twists, surprises, and often unresolved endings.The focus is on building tension and uneasiness, which prompts fans to continue reading or watching to find out – what’s going to happen next? 

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