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Christmas Ghost Stories

Reading a ghost story on Christmas Eve was once as much a part of traditional Christmas celebrations as turkey, eggnog, and Santa Claus. Now beloved cartoonist Seth revitalizes the tradition designing and illustrating each ghost story book in his own inimitable way. Trimmed to fit the coziest stocking, they’re perfect gifts for those who want a bit of extra Christmas chill.


E.F. Benson- How Fear Departed the Long Gallery $6.95
Marjorie Bowen- The Crown Derby Plate $6.95
A.M. Burrage- One Who Saw $6.95
Frank Cowper- Christmas Eve on a Haunted Hulk $6.95
Walter De La Mare- The Green Room $6.95
 Charles Dickens- The Signalman $6.95
Daphne Du Maurier- The Apple Tree $6.95
Elizabeth Gaskell- The Old Nurse's Tail $6.95
W.W. Jacobs- The Toll House $6.95
M.R. James- The Diary of Mr. Poynter $6.95
Edith Wharton- Afterward $6.95


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