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Sherlock Holmes

The most famous detective of all. Whether you're a Baker Street Irregular yourself or you just loved the BBC's Sherlock television series, we've got Holmes recommendations for fans of all stripes.

In League with Sherlock Holmes is the latest entry in Laurie R. King and Leslie S. Klinger’s popular Sherlock Holmes-inspired mystery series, featuring fifteen talented authors and a multitude of new cases for Arthur Conan Doyle’s most acclaimed detective.

Laurie R. King is an accomplished Holmes author in her own right, and in her latest novel Riviera Gold, Mary Russell and Holmes team up and turn the Riviera upside down to crack their most captivating case yet.

From American Mystery Classics, Anthony Boucher's The Case of the Baker Street Irregulars takes place on the set of a Sherlock Holmes film, where a group of experts on the Great Detective gets drawn into a puzzling, humorous murder plot.

For the most voracious readers, Otto Penzler has collected eighty-three wonderful stories about Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson published over a span of more than a hundred years in The Big Book of Sherlock Holmes Stories.

For the Holmes fan who has it all, we've got a very handsome first edition of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's 1905 The Return of Sherlock Holmes, a very good copy of a scarce and important book in which Holmes returns from the dead.

Specializing in Mystery Fiction and all its subgenres, including Detective, Crime, Hardboiled, Thrillers, Espionage, and Suspense.

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