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Here are our top five bestselling hardcover titles for April 2019! This list can also be found in our newsletter, which is available via subscription (email or print) or directly via our website.


1. Box, CJ, Wolf Pack, Putnam.

C.J. Box - Wolf Pack

When Joe Pickett addresses a drone killing wildlife, owned by a man whose son is dating Joe's daughter, he is asked to stand down by the FBI and DOJ. Meanwhile, bodies are piling up, and Joe fears the Sinaloa cartel is afoot. Signed. $27.00.


2. Boyle, William, A Friend is a Gift You Give Yourself, Pegasus.

William Boyle - A Friend is a Gift You Give Yourself

A mob widow hits her neighbor over the head with an ashtray, setting the stage for an explosion that will propel her, her granddaughter, and a new friend down a strange, uncertain path. Signed. $25.95.


3. Todd, Charles, The Black Ascot, William Morrow.

Charles Todd - The Black Ascot

An astonishing tip from a grateful ex-convict seems implausible—but Inspector Ian Rutledge is intrigued and brings it to his superior, as it may help solve a case that has eluded Scotland Yard for years. Meticulously retracing the original inquiry, Rutledge's sanity is suddenly brought into question by a shocking turn of events. Signed. $26.99.


4. Wilkinson, Lauren, American Spy, Random House.

Lauren Wilkinson - American Spy - Signed

When Marie Mitchell is given the opportunity to join a task force aimed at undermining Thomas Sankara, the revolutionary communist president of Burkina Faso, she says yes, even though she admires his work. In the year that follows, she will observe him, seduce him, and ultimately have a hand in the coup that will bring him down. Signed. $27.00.


5. Harper, Jane, The Lost Man, Flatiron.

Jane Harper - The Lost Man - Signed

In an isolated belt of Australia, three brothers were one another’s nearest neighbors. Something makes Cameron, the middle child, head out alone under the unrelenting sun, which takes his life. While the family grieves Cameron’s loss, suspicion starts to take hold, and Nathan, the eldest brother, is forced to examine secrets the family would rather leave in the past. Signed. $27.99.


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Written by Ian Kern — April 18, 2019

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