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Now that the holidays are over and January is well on its way, we here at the Mysterious Bookshop have finally had time to reflect on the year behind us, and to pull together a list of our favorite books from 2016. Individual lists can be found in the January newsletter; below, check out a master list of our collective favorites, which pulls together, in no order, fifteen particularly noteworthy titles from those individual lists. Happy New Year!

Lauren Belfer, And After the Fire. After the death of her uncle, a young woman in present-day New York tries to solve the mystery of an old music manuscript, stolen from the ruins of Germany after WWII. $26.99.

John Hart, Redemption Road. Hart’s fifth book is a beautiful work of literature that happens to include horrific murders, violence, and detection, as a former cop, fresh out of prison, races to solve a rash of killings. $27.99

MJ Carter, The Infidel Stain. In the wonderful follow-up to The Strangler Vine, Blake and Avery return from colonial India to 1840s London, and immediately find themselves involved in another mystery. $27.00.

Amor Towles, A Gentleman in Moscow. A Russian Count, sentenced to house arrest in Moscow’s grand Metropol Hotel, watches the tumult of 1920’s Russia from his window. $27.00. 

Martin Cruz Smith, The Girl from Venice. In the last year of World War II, a simple, peaceful Venetian fisherman reluctantly faces off with Nazis after his fishing net pulls in the still-living body of a young female fugitive. $27.00

Lyndsay Faye, Jane Steele. A compelling, pitch-perfect Victorian novel whose heroine is inspired by Jane Eyre, but with something extra: She is a serial killer. $27.00

Tana French, The Trespasser. The most cynical detective you’ll ever meet battles sexism and racism in the workplace as a run-of-the-mill domestic murder case seems to suggest something more complex. $27.00

Lawrence Block, editor, In Sunlight or in Shadow. A beautiful book of short crime stories based on the work of Edward Hopper, each of which is accompanied by a full-page color reproduction of the painting that inspired it. Includes stories by Michael Connelly, Robert Olen Butler, Joyce Carol Oates, Jeffery Deaver, Lee Child, and others. $25.95

Allen Eskens, Heavens May Fall.  Courtroom drama and exciting police procedures are masterfully woven together in this paperback original. $15.95

Patrick Hoffman, Every Man a Menace. Interconnected episodes in the world of global MDMA trafficking stretch from LA to Bangkok in a taut thriller whose quick, clean pace ripples with dark comedy. $25.00

John le Carre, The Pigeon Tunnel. The great espionage author’s memoirs from his work in British intelligence during the Cold War are both entertaining and illuminating, and a must-read for fans of his work. $28.00

Peter Robinson, When the Music’s Over. Newly promoted Detective Superintendent Peter Banks masterfully juggles two baffling cases: a long-ago assault, and a just-now murder. $25.99

 Duane Swierczynski, Revolver. A cop’s murder is investigated by two subsequent generations of his family in this perfectly-layered narrative. $26.00

Chan Ho-Kei, The Borrowed. Five novellas follow the careers of two detectives through fifty years of Hong Kong history. Note: While the American edition of this book was technically published in 2017, we carried the British when it was released in 2016, validating its inclusion on this list. $16.00

Ben Winters, Underground Airlines. In an alternate history that eerily resembles our country today, the Civil War never happened, and a modern-day detective hunts fugitive slaves in Free states. $26.00

Written by Ian Kern — January 05, 2017

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