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The Brown Recluse in:  It Begins.


Once, she was Ellen Amora, happily married to Albert Amora, who everyone called ‘Amigo.’  Then she was La Veuve Noire, the Black Widow, who exacted her revenge on ‘Boss’ Mayhew, who’d ordered the hit on Amigo.  Now, after the county fair caper, Ellen’s secret identity as the Brown Recluse was known to no one, but feared by all.

Once, he was a fine, upstanding citizen, living in quiet desperation in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, with his wife and children.  Then, out of the blue and out of the past, an old acquaintance arrives on his doorstep, ready to collect on a favor and a promise from long ago.  Breck then found himself in River City, forced to do the unsavory and occasionally the unspeakable, in return for Mayhew’s silence.  How far would he go to keep his past a secret from his family?  But now Mayhew is permanently silent, and Breck is at a crossroads.  Should he return to his quiet life in the East?  Can he?  Or will he, as second in command of the Mayhew criminal enterprise, take control of the now leaderless organization?

And what of the Brown Recluse?  It was she who took care of Mayhew, remember.  Will she want similar revenge on Breck?  Perhaps he will engage in a preemptive strike against River City’s newest, and only, super-hero.  
How will the city survive the epic battle of two titans, each on their own side of the law?


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Details and photos of some of the celebrated cases in the NYPD files along with some lesser known but no less sordid tales of depravity, as only the Big Apple can provide!  Chock full of photos, some a bit graphic.


A man terribly maimed in a car wreck months before has apparently taken his own life.  DCI Serena Flanagan, alone amongst her colleagues and superiors, has doubts.  Meanwhile, a minister who has lost his faith and gained a terrible secret, a woman with a past whose facade no one has yet seen through, and a local politician with a self-serving agenda (big surprise!) complicate matters.


The city of Atlanta, under duress, hires eight African-American police officers in this year of 1948.  They are not allowed to drive patrol cars, arrest white suspects, or even enter the police building. When a young black woman is seen leaving the car of a white man, and is later murdered, Officers Boggs and Smith suspect some of their white colleagues of more than just bigotry.


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Written by Ian Kern — September 29, 2016

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