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Raffles and Cinnamon in: The Tail of the Nine Lives Part Three:


The exciting conclusion!

After being knocked off the credenza, Cinnamon had snuck around to the back door, where Raffles was waiting as part of their plan. He’d brought an extra domino mask and helped Cinnamon tie it around his small triangular head.  There!  Now no one would know their secret identities!

Meanwhile Breck and Prell were looking all over the house to find them.

‘Here, kitty, kitty, kitty!’

Now whatever made these fools think that old chestnut would work?

Naturally, Cinnamon was still steaming about the dent in his tail, obtained when Prell had slammed a door on it. Also, the two felines naturally wanted to protect against the threats to their respective staff, Ellen Amora (aka the Brown Recluse) and newly promoted Detective Costello.

For their part, Breck and Prell and Sonny were seeking revenge of their own on the be-masked furries for thwarting their own plan and causing injury to Prell and Sonny the big dog. A clash of titans!

Cinnamon spied something interesting on the floor, underneath the chaise lounge on the sun porch.  The kitties were there while those three idiots (counting the big dog) looked and looked inside the house for them.

He crawled under the chaise and in determining in the age-old kitty way whether it was something dangerous or delicious, saw that it was simply a torn scrap of paper.  But what a scrap!  It said:

Plan For Revenge Against Costello, Avery, and That Dame That Jumps Around In a Trench Coat, and Their Stupid Cats.

Hmpf!  Stupid, are we?  There they are keeping company with a dog and we’re stupid!  We’ll just show them!  He scooped up the paper with one paw and clamped his jaws down on it for a firm grip for travelling. Raffles saw what Cinnamon was doing and purred his approval.  Cinnamon ran out the back door, which had a hole in the screen, and lit out for home.  When he arrived, he saw Costello sitting on the front steps with a sad face.  It didn’t stay sad long, though.  He rose and scooped up his best kitty pal and smothered him with kisses, saying, ‘My best pal!  I thought I’d never see you again!  Come in the house and have some treats and you can sit on my lap and tell me all about it!’

Ordinarily Cinnamon didn’t like being picked up but in this case decided to make an exception.  He made a small noise of urgency and it was then that Costello noticed the scrap of paper in the cat’s mouth. ‘What’s this, pal?’ he queried. As he looked over the note, his normally genial face darkened and he gently set Cinnamon down.  ‘I’ll leave you some treats and then we’ll just see who gets the better of who!’

He put many too many of the cat treats in Cinnamon’s dish, so happy was he to see his pal again, but inwardly he was steaming about the gall of Prell and Breck. He stopped to pick up and brief Ellen Amora, for he knew in his heart that Raffles was part of this operation.

While they were en route to the gang hideout, Raffles was skulking around, incognito in his mask, getting the lay of the land.  He’d snuck back into the house and presently came upon Sonny the big dog, sound asleep under the kitchen table, his favorite spot.  Apparently he’d grown tired of searching for his cat-versaries and decided on a nap.  Now this was a situation too good to miss!  Back out on the veranda, he’d noticed some string and some old bottles and cans that hadn’t yet been returned for deposit and Raffles carefully lined up his revenge, scarcely able to conceal his glee.  When he completed his plan, he crept up to the snoring big dog’s head and let fly with his best yowl.  

Wow!  Sonny the big dog jumped up, made three complete revolutions in mid-air, yelped, and took off like a rocket.  The string of tin cans tied to his tail made an awfully satisfying racket, thought Raffles, and that took care of the big dog.  The softy.

Ellen Amora and Costello, with Cinnamon purring away in the back seat, drove up just then and gaped in amazement as a dog the size of a pony went running pell-mell down the street, clattering along with a bunch of cans attached to his tail and howling at the moon, or in this case, the clouds. Cinnamon leaped in triumph out of the car’s back window to celebrate with his pal and put the final part of their plan into motion.

Back on the veranda through the handy open window, the two conspirators strolled in unison through the house looking for their adversaries.

‘NOW I’ve got you!’ cried Prell as he grabbed Raffles by the scruff of the neck.

That is some really corny dialogue, thought Cinnamon as he unsheathed his claws to help his brother-in-arms.  But that proved to be unnecessary, as Raffles simply sank his teeth into Prell’s other arm.  His yowl of pain rivaled Sonny’s of embarrassment as he dropped Raffles, who landed on his feet and took off towards the rear of the house, with Prell and his bleeding arm in hot pursuit.

Meanwhile Breck was sneaking up behind Cinnamon intending to grab him, but the crook forgot that cats have very sensitive hearing and of course he gave himself away before he was ten steps from his target.  Cleverly, Cinnamon waited until Breck was almost upon him, then took off like a cat out of heck and also went barreling toward the rear of the house.

Since they were lower to the ground and also had four legs to propel them, our feline heroes reached the veranda first and both hid just behind the door.  Cautiously, the two human miscreants eased the door a little ajar, and right at that moment, with exquisite timing, both kitties slammed the door shut on four sets of fingers.  With howls that put Sonny’s and Raffles’ to shame, the two men, clutching their smashed hands, ran blindly out the back door--right into the waiting arms of Costello and---The Brown Recluse!

‘NOW we’ve got you,’ thought Raffles and Cinnamon with satisfaction.  They shook paws and agreed to have another adventure soon.


Will there be another adventure with Raffles and Cinnamon?  Could be!

Written by Ian Kern — June 01, 2017

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