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La Veuve Noire Obtient Meme

(The Black Widow Gets Even)--Part One


‘Mister, if you shoot her, we shoot you. Pretty simple.’

‘You better ask yourself if it’s worth it.’

Breck screamed, ‘I’m a three time loser, cop, I got nowhere to go but down!’

Avery was calm. ‘Maybe someday you’ll get out for good behavior. That beats pushin’ up the daisies!’

‘Sez you!  Now do you get out of my way, or does the tomato get it?’

‘I’M NOT A TOMATO!’ shouted Ellen, startling them all. As Breck was momentarily distracted, Ellen grabbed his heroically proportioned nose and twisted it for all she was worth.  The gangster howled, dropping his gun, and clamping both hands on his now even more swollen and funny-looking honker.  In a flash, the detectives were on him and, cuffed but defiant, he looked on at them with blood in his eye.

‘You’ll never make the charges stick to Mayhew!  The evidence was planted!’

Avery was still calm. He and Costello looked at one another. ‘Planted? You mean like a tree?’

‘I mean like placed to make it look like Mayhew killed her old man!’

‘Well, I never heard of such a thing!  The idea! Thinking that River City’s finest could be so dishonest!’

‘Yeah? Well, why haven’t you arrested her--he indicated Ellen Amora with a nod of his head--for killing those guys?’

‘We’re taking you BOTH in right now!’


Has Breck an ace up his sleeve?  Will Ellen somehow escape charges?


Apologies for the truncated post--circumstances beyond y'r friendly blogger's control necessitate a short hiatus--tune in for the exciting conclusion to this, the very first Veuve Noire adventure next week--we hope!

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Written by Ian Kern — July 25, 2016

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