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Andrea Camilleri - Game of Mirrors

Publishers Weekly
In Camilleri’s amiable 18th mystery featuring Insp. Salvo Montalbano (after 2014’s Angelica’s Smile), the Sicilian policeman faces several unusual problems. A bomb explodes in front of an empty Vigàta warehouse; someone vandalizes the car of Montalbano’s beautiful neighbor, Liliana Lombardo, whose husband, Adriano, is seldom home; an unexplained bullet hole appears in Montalbano’s car; and, as usual, TV newsman Pippo Ragonese and Commissioner Bonetti-Alderighi are giving him grief. Montalbano soon realizes that people are trying to lead him and his team into a “hall of mirrors” to derail the bombing investigation. Meanwhile, Liliana embarks on a not-so-subtle campaign to seduce him that is as enjoyable as it is suspicious. Series fans and newcomers alike will relish Montalbano’s appetite for good food and beverages, his love of a quiet think, and his ability to turn the tables on the criminals—and his tormentors.


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